The unbearable sweetness of the ICCL
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The main cast


Simon J. Freeman
A self-educated Unix-guru, who used to enjoy living on the social welfare funds. After dodging several jobs forced on him by the employment agency, he finally stayed at the Happy Paper Corporation, because according to his words, he learned to love hating it. Simon is the System Operator. Basically this means nobody knows what he's supposed to do, but it doesn't seem to bother him.
First appearance: Genesis

Deirdre "the Redhead" Travaglia
Deirdre's a genuine freakette, being grown up with computers. She immigrated from the UK before she went to school. After that, she ran her own business, which then failed after she got fed up with the idiocy of modern computer world. Looking for a nice and quiet life, she came to Inxa Kity, where she got hired by the Happy Paper Corporation. She's currently the help desk manager.
First appearance: Genesis

Others worth noting


Mark "the Borg" Kulfyr
Mark is a death metal bassist captured and assimilated by the Borg. After spending nearly three years as a Borg drone, he got separated from the collective when Deirdre blew up his ship! He became x86-compatible after assimilating the company's database servers, and when his Windows 98 became too unstable for daily use, Simon installed Debian GNU/Linux into him. Later Mark was damaged beyond repair, and he was restored to his original looks, with the exception of his brain, which was replaced by assimilated computer parts.
First appearance: The Borg

Bosslet, the branch executive is a small man with big dreams. After a while, he got promoted to a position where he could not do any real harm. He spends his days playing solitaire and looking important, hoping to get noticed in the company HQ. His obsession to get noticed often drives him to do desperate things ... like shutting down the office cafe. While Bosslet surely isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, he isn't a complete idiot. Some parts are still missing.
First appearance: Genesis

Jay "Propellerhead" Sheridan
Simon's best pal, an ex. blackhat hacker Propellerhead is an easy going but foul mouthed type, who usually won't usually spend much time feeling sorry when he gets the boot from another employment agency job. While his (limited) circle of friends considers his endless practical jokes rather entertaining, he just doesn't seem to get it on with the ladies. Against all the odds he somehow managed get a girlfriend, Magenta.
First appearance: Techs

Madelie "Magenta" Williams
If the extremes attract eachother, Magenta is the living proof. She absolutely loathes computers, electronic gadgets and people who use them. This in mind, it must be destiny's cruel practical joke to make her fall for a hardcore computer hacker like Propellerhead. She especially hates Simon and Deirdre, who from her point of view try to corrupt her boyfriend with those icky computers.
First appearance: Taking the first steps
The Main Man

The main man
An unpleasant acquaintance from Simon's past. The main man was the class bully since the elementary school, hated by everyone else except his two braindead-loyal friends. After dropping out of high school, not many things have changed in his life. He mainly lives to wreak havoc at the expense of others. He especially hates Simon, who is one of those god damned yuppies from his point of view.
First appearance: All the bad things
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