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Mostly Harmful
A pessimist's view on life. My other comic.

A highschool-themed strip, taking place in the city of Avalon, Canada.
College roomies from hell!!!
You think you've seen everything that comics about having horrible college roomies can offer? Think again.
Diesel Sweeties
The ultimate low-rez comic. The art of good punch lines ain't dead :)
Take a con-artist, bioengineered talking wolf and a robot, mix well, and this is what you'll get.
General Protection Fault
Computers and related freaks, this is the good stuff!
It's Walky!
What started out as a college comic, has now turned into something very different. After being abducted by the aliens, our school kids have now turned into alien fighting agents of a secret organization, SEMME.
Jack has some elements, that I wasn't prepared to see in comics. Unusual, cruel stories with cute characters work for me, this is definately worth of checking out!
RPG World
This was actually the first comic on the net that got me hooked. More RPG bashing.
Sexy Losers
This must be the funniest X-rated comic ever.
Wendy and her messed up friends sure do save the day.
The Adventures of Anne Animal
This one's just plain sick, I love it! :)
Bunch of animals making fun out of the IT's latest screw-ups.
Minding my own business
What's it like for an attractive guy to look for the right woman, especially when he's chased by every lady he encounters.

Help Desk
Help Desk is about help desk worker Alex, who tries to survive in the questionable software company, whose evil boss tries to take over the world of the computer software.

In a perfect world
Dragon's and wolf's family life. This one has pretty good points, I absolutely recommend it.

Boozing and blowing up things. It's actually way more interesting that I make it sound! :)

A softer world
An original and thought provoking art-comic.
A directory of online comics.

The Webcomic List
Site that tracks the latest updates in webcomics.
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