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One thing that plagues readers of online comics is the lack of proper bookmarks. The readers seem to have two ways of finding the strip they last saw. The first is to update the comic's bookmark every time they reach the latest comic, and the second is bookmarking the main site, and crawling through the archive in order to find the last strip they've seen.

To help my readers, I added a feature called Marker and here's how it works. First you need a mark a strip simply by clicking the "mark"-button under the strip. This sets a cookie in your browser. Note that the "mark"-button is not visible when there's nothing to mark. Now you can always return to that strip without a massive search.

Button layout

There are two ways of getting to the strip you've marked: First is to bookmark this url:

Every time you go to that URL, you get automagically redirected to the strip you marked.

If you don't feel like adding a bookmark, click the "restore" button and you'll get to the strip you've marked. In case you haven't marked a strip, you get redirected to this page.

That's it. If it doesn't work, you probably don't have the cookies enabled. See your browser's online help for how to enable them.

Give it a try, I'm sure you'll prefer it over the usual ways of bookmarking.

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