The unbearable sweetness of the ICCL
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The story so far...

New here? Let's bring you up to speed then.
The ICCL has a six-part story with a continuous background storyline. Part one was meant as an introduction to the series, and it's more like a collection of random smaller in-chapter stories to familiarize you with the quirks and oddities of the cast and more importantly, it was a test for me to see if I can actually handle full-color comic, that forces me to exceed my artistic capabilities most of the time. ICCL is the first ever cartoon project for me in this scale.

Don't be put off by the rather crude appearance of the first strips, ICCL was supposed to be 2D/3D from the very beginning, but my 3D Studio was having trouble with my display adapter's drivers, so I had to use vector backgrounds for the first four chapters. I wasn't (and I still aren't) a good artist, but I'm trying to develop my drawing skills over time. I'm learning to draw with a pencil, so maybe some day we'll see hand drawn, CG colored strips with 3D backgrounds.

So, here's a summary of what happened in the first part, that went by the name "Piecing it together". From the second chapter on, the actual story began, and most of the in-chapter stories contribute to it.

You may click on any panel to jump to the archives and read that particular story. Here we go.

-- ICCL -- The RISC OS style! --

Done reading? Now you're ready to proceed to the second part, which actually is the first one of the actual story line. The story does refer to previous strips every so often, so if you have the time, consider reading the whole archive of older strips. Now, start from the part 2 and have fun!

     - APz

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