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hmm - RTFM (1.9/04) - 00:29 25 Feb 2004
that's right! show them Simon!

philpem - RTFM (1.9/04) - 10:46 24 Feb 2004
Thanks for yet another funny little comic. Dare I print it out and put it up next to the "RTFM" sign? Yep. :P

Go ahead, printing one strip goes clearly to the "fair use" category :)

borg - Mark's past (1.8/04) - 14:19 18 Feb 2004

Nah, it's actually reference to the real Star Trek TNG. I consider the Borg one Roddenberry's best addition to the Sci-Fi genre and I just had to spoof that :)

Keo - All over the place (1.7/04) - 21:11 11 Feb 2004
enemy territory! :)

Rekcahx - All over the place (1.7/04) - 23:01 10 Feb 2004

DrL - Curiosity killed the Borg (2.6/04) - 10:02 06 Feb 2004
Gosh! So much for the Borg?!?:)

Depends on your point of view :) Check out the upcoming strips and you'll see what I mean :-)

KeoKeo - So much for Magenta? (1.5/04) - 15:57 27 Jan 2004
monitor screen:

You're right :) That's my nod to Bittivuoto for mirroring the comic.

jza - 13:01 24 Jan 2004
I wonder why any of the web comic sites I've seen haven't thought of this, but wouldn't it be nice to have a cookie to remember the last strip the user has read?

By the way, it seems that Hackles reached it's end. Quite sad, although it's nice to still have ICCL. :)

I used to have an option to remember the last read strip, but it caused me more "how is this supposed to work" E-mails than it was worth. I've been rethinking the whole thing, but haven't come up with an idi... err.. home user proof system quite yet. Rest assured, the future versions of D-Zaster (the engine running ICCL's site) will have the bookmarking ability.

Hackles ending is a real shame, the world needs more unix-humor :-)

b.o.f.h. - 18:37 04 Nov 2003
Hmm, it's probably not a coincidence that one of the main characters has "Simon" as his name and is the systems operator ( read more: ). Check out the stories, they are really fun!

You're right, it's not a coincidence. And if you take a closer look at the cast, you'll notice that Simon's first name and Deirdre's last name make up the name of BOFH's author. I've always loved BOFH and this is my tribute to it.

Then again, there's more in the names than just a nod to BOFH :)

And if you liked BOFH, try reading my version of it; you'll find the link in my reply to thebanzai's message. The main character's way more humane than BOFH and he actually has a reason to be such a menace :)

thebanzai - 19:00 03 Nov 2003
There's something that hits the nerve on this comic! Bad weather, a city in the middle of nowhere, lonely geeks..

Where's the book??

The comic is based on a novel that went by the same name. The english version is under way and you'll find the original, finnish version here.
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