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A new plan
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First of all, sorry about missing the deadline for Friday's strip. This is the first time ever during the 2 and 1/2 years we've been online. Now, here's the problem:

During November/December 2004 I ran into a multitude of problems that ate most of my personal time. Computer trouble, depression, stress from trying to work 24/7 and so on. This pretty effectively killed my strip buffer, as I was able to do only one strip per week, sometimes not even that. My strip buffer dropped from 12 weeks to one week and less. The last 3 months I usually finished the strips 15-30 minutes before the release time, and didn't have the time to let my proofreader to take a look at them before they went out. Some of you might have noticed the amount of bad english that sneaked into the latest strips.

Now, the buffer is essential for drawing comics. Sometimes I just can't come up with anything worth releasing, so I sleep over it and usually come up with new stuff. Without the buffer, I'll have to stick with whatever I got at that time. That leads to both bad strips and increased stress plus the worst of all - drawing is no longer fun, it feels like work I'm not paid for.

So, this leaves me two options: ditch the comic or slow down. I know you're going to hate this, but I'm dropping back to one strip/week schedule, until the strip buffer reaches 3 months again. The ICCL will return at 22/Apr/05.

Oh, and keep in mind, I'm NOT going to abandon the comic. The ICCL has 5 parts and 45 chapters, so we're about halfway there and I intend to draw the entire story.
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