The unbearable sweetness of the ICCL
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-- ICCL -- The Mac OS 9 style! --
The end of line
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Wow, this must have been the SLOWEST strip to draw, ever! My drawing machine is an old, (t)rusty P3/733. Its motherboard doesn't actually support the CPU, which runs at FSB 133, but the chipset can be overclocked. So, for the past 6 years the machine has run overclocked without any trouble. Until now. Yesterday when I started to draw this strip, the machine just wouldn't boot. Several attempts later I tried to erase the CMOS and voila; it came up. After setting up the CPU from the BIOS setup, it froze again. Uh-oh. I tried underclocking it and the problem went away. Except it's A LOT slower now.
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