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Meet Mark Kulfyr
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#pinball, 20 June 2003...
<APz> hey, a little help here, what's the norwegean slang word for "cool guy"
<are-s> hmm
<are-s> "kul fyr" is one
<APz> I need to come up with a last name that has the "nordic sound" in it
<are-s> my brain hasn't started up yet ;)
<are-s> ah a lastname built out of "cool guy" sortof
<APz> I need it for a heavy rocker guy-type of a cartoon character
<are-s> old people in the old daysway out in the country would call nice other men "grepa kar"
<are-s> but it is more "straight guy"
<APz> hmm.. that "kul fyr" would probably be the best option, especially when combined into "Kulfyr"
<are-s> could work ;)
<APz> all the names in the comic are some kind of inside jokes
<APz> Mark Kulfyr - The man with the guitar
<APz> I love it already ;D
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