The unbearable sweetness of the ICCL
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lokki1977 - 10:17 17 Feb 2008
Excellent comic, I'd like to see more of this stuff!

Ask and thou shalt receive.

chico - Pro-life (1.2/08) - 15:38 13 Jan 2008
Keep up man, i came to know ICCL today, and i read the whole shit at once, i need more of this. Please, don't give up fella! awesome webcomics, pure gold!

Great to have you with us :) Oh and I'm not going to give up, not now when I've walked to hell and back to get started with the comic again after pretty much everything that can get fucked up, did just that :)

There are still 19 chapters left, so the comic isn't going to end any time soon :)

jhakwe - The balance of terror (2.52/07) - 18:15 31 Dec 2007
Ka, ICCL on takas! Hienous \o/

Saketzu - 06:04 28 Dec 2007
ICCL and the writings alive/online at last! This is really cool :)

Yeah, it'd appear I'm back. Plus if you took a closer look, I have a new text release; the 3rd part of "Päävärit" series.

Tc - 10:03 26 Dec 2007
Vau. Hienoa. Toivottavasti näemme lisääkin... =)

Skraba - Meet Mark .. again (2.50/07) - 21:24 15 Dec 2007
What lays on the screen? Hmm... Maybe I don't wanna know... :)

It wasn't supposed to be readable, and only after I had already finished the whole strip, I noticed that it can be read.

The ICCL has lots of elements that have text that isn't meant to be read; like the diplomas on Bosslet's wall, papers on peoples' desks and so forth.

So what do I write into something that no one's ever (supposedly) gonna read? Well, pretty much whatever I please.

The display in question reads:

Jännää tekstiä
lisää ja lisää
100% paskaa
tosi kewl ok?


Big J - 11:12 10 Dec 2007
OMG!!! Yay! This made my day! Great timing for the story too.

I guess I should not plan ahead something I can't promise to keep, but I'm trying to schedule the strips so the one that was originally meant for the christmas '06 would hit as close to the 24th day as possible. We'll see what happens.

Wortex - The sledge of DOOM (1.49/07) - 00:57 09 Dec 2007
vihdoin ja viimein =)

Sanoin aikanaan, että se on vain ajasta kiinni. Nyt se aika saatiin kiinni :)

Ericsson - 17:40 27 Nov 2007
The guy with Ericsson says "hello"

Well hello :)

Make - Zap goes the Ericsson (1.16/07) - 05:48 14 Nov 2007
Waah, when will the story continue? ;_;

"I tell her soon mommy soon I assume".

It's been a shaky road, but I'm getting there, #1 obstacle being total exhaustion and lack of time.

On the brighter side, if anyone remembers the ICCL prototype comic "Mostly harmful", they might be delighted (or horrified) about the fact that I've drawn several new episodes at work, and I'll upload them (and provide the link here) after I get one new ICCL strip out.
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