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Make - Zap goes the Ericsson (1.16/07) - 05:48 14 Nov 2007
Waah, when will the story continue? ;_;

"I tell her soon mommy soon I assume".

It's been a shaky road, but I'm getting there, #1 obstacle being total exhaustion and lack of time.

On the brighter side, if anyone remembers the ICCL prototype comic "Mostly harmful", they might be delighted (or horrified) about the fact that I've drawn several new episodes at work, and I'll upload them (and provide the link here) after I get one new ICCL strip out.

Jarno - 16:32 27 Oct 2007
why ericsson?

You mean Deirdre's phone? It's actually a "hello" to an old friend, who probably will never see the said strip as I'm probably as shitlisted as possible in his books. But anyway, he used to carry around phone like that when we were serving in the army back in 1999.

Big J - 00:58 27 Aug 2007
Heya, just wanted to let you know that people are still checking in. ^_^

Great :) And I wanted to let you guys know that I haven't been (totally) idle:

This the first thing to come out of the new box. I'm still in the learning phase when it comes to the Maya; it has a manual size of a brick and it's so totally different than 3ds max.

The good thing is, that I've already rendered and composited the first panel of the next strip.

The bad thing again is that it was a long ago and I still haven't came up with anything usable for the rest of the panels :)

Big J - Zap goes the Ericsson (1.16/07) - 11:08 19 May 2007
When did Maya go Linux native? Last I heard it was PowerPC Mac and WinNT only.

Since the version 7, I think. Anyway, the box had 2 software CDs; one with 32bit Win32, Linux (RPMs, I may add) and OSX. The other CD had 64bit versions for Win64 and Linux.

On the technical side, the Linux-version is Motif-based; I used the Lesstif libraries which seem to work just fine. The main annoyance were the RPMs, that had rather complicated setup-scripts which prevented a direct conversion with alien. Fortunately with some tinkering and thanks to alien's -c switch, the software installed just fine.

Much to my surprise, the licencing also worked. I own several versions of AutoCAD, which had extremely painful verification methods and my old 3DS Max 2 had some kind of a dongle (sentinel brand) which didn't work at all in W2K! I actually had to find a crack to prefectly legal version.

Azul - Zap goes the Ericsson (1.16/07) - 02:07 14 May 2007
"The wine's in me" :D

Big J - Zap goes the Ericsson (1.16/07) - 08:24 07 May 2007
Schweet! WINE is like the best thing to happen to linux. Now if only WINE with DirectX was free...

I dunno; using Wine seems to take lots of work, especially if you use any larger piece of software. PSP was one of the most painful programs to make run under Wine; it took me 5 days to hunt down every .dll that it depended on, and then one day to figure out which parts of Wine's own DLLs didn't work and replace them.

Anyway, I've been waiting for a long time to get rid of my last Windows-based machine, and the previous machine frying up gave the inspiration to do better with the next one. I'm not going to stay with Wine forever, the only thing keeping me there is the PSP's proprietary vector format, so I'm going to continue using PSP until I finish the ICCL. I think I'll use Photoshop for the next comic.

Oh, BTW, I'm experimenting to use Blender for the backgrounds. It runs natively on Linux and is lightyears ahead of the old 3DS Max 2 I had. The current problem is to import the .max -scenes to Blender. After that it's just matter of using it and learning more.

Big J - We get no signal (1.14/07) - 09:42 08 Apr 2007
A pre-Sony sellout Ericsson? I refuse to believe it. ^_^

Deirdre has had one for ages. Actually she has had several and trashed most of them. There's also something worth noticing in the phone; take a closer look.

BigJ - Outlook not so good (1.7/07) - 12:39 19 Feb 2007
WooHoo! Great joke at the end too.

The joke's kinda old, it's been circling on most of the Linux channels on IRC lately.

Anyway, glad you like it :)

Azul - 08:19 03 Feb 2007
Keep up good comic :P

apz_fan - 05:22 13 Dec 2006
I think 20 previous messages were posted by spambot

Yeah, and I keep trying to remove them as they appear. The interesting point is that they don't actually advertise anything and if they were just probes, they'd probably use more host variantions than the current one is using. I'm considering on switching to moderated guestbook for a while.
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